State adoption of Big Hole Floodplain Maps

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday the DNRC Director signed the Final Order for state adoption of the Big Hole Floodplain Maps and Study, making them official as of October 7, 2014!

The signed Final Order along with the other Big Hole final products are now posted on our website here: http://dnrc.mt.gov/wrd/water_op/floodplain/big_hole.asp    

Our next step is to send an official copy by mail to each county, and get it recorded it in each of your clerk and recorder’s offices, as per MCA 76-5-202(4). Charity, Doug, and Jim – could you find out from your clerk and recorder what would be a logical way to proceed on getting the order recorded?  DNRC can pay for any recording costs, but if you can help me facilitate it in each of your counties, that would be terrific.    

We’d also like to get your feedback on issuing a news release about the state adoption.  DNRC can issue one that area news outlets can choose to run if they’d like, or is that something you’d prefer coming from BHWC?  If you have any thoughts on that, please share them.  

Thanks to all of you for your efforts and hard work in this collaborative endeavor!

Well done!  

Tiffany Lyden
MT Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
Floodplain Management Program
(406) 444-0599

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